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  • Product Description
    LA FLEURISTE strives to provide guests with the most realistic color and integrity, but the finished product is not exactly the same as the picture due to the following reasons: Floral artworks are all handmade, and all our floral artworks are made by hand, and will not be designed for mechanical mass production. The color / flower style / flower paper / ribbon, etc. will be roughly the same as the picture, but it may not be 100% the same due to supply or batch. According to the size of the flower or the overall matching, the florist may not be exactly the same as the picture. The florist will design your exclusive flower arrangement according to your requirements, and hope to understand and respect the professionalism of the florist. If there is no immediate response, any flower problems will be rejected. Goods will not be returned or exchanged.
  • What are preserved flowers? Are they real flowers?
    Preserved flowers are 100% natural flowers. They are made with a unique process of dehydration, decolorization, coloring, and drying to retain their original softness, shape, and luster. They look natural and fresh.
  • Change or adjust order content
    It is necessary to contact LA FLEURISTE in advance to change the content. Depending on the situation, a fee may be charged. Under normal circumstances, we do not accept changes of address, delivery time or other content before 48 hours, including but not limited to: flower art, greeting cards, name customization and address.
  • Return Policy
    In addition to the problems caused by the quality and mistakes of our store, the goods will not be returned or exchanged.
  • Cancel Order
    After the customer pays, we have already started to order flowers and other items, so we do not accept any cancellation of the order after payment, but we can extend or change the order at our discretion.
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